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[Review] Fitz by Mick Cochrane

October 12, 2012


“…A black SUV passes slowly. There’s a woman inside, nicely dressed, wearing sunglasses, fluffing her hair in the rearview mirror. Fitz smiles pleasantly at her, trying his best not to look like a kidnapper, and she smiles back. To her, he probably looks like a typical fifteen-year-old boy. He’s wearing sneakers, black jeans, a gray hoodie. He’s got a backpack slung over his shoulder.  And that’s exactly what he is: a typical fifteen-year-old boy. A sophomore on the B honor roll. A kid with a messy room, an electric guitar, a notebook full of song lyrics, vague dreams about doing something great some day, a crush on a red-haired girl. The city is full of kids like him. America is full of kids like him. He’s nothing special.  Except that he’s carrying a Smith & Wesson .38 Special in the waistband of his jeans…”

Cochrane, Mick.  Fitz. 175pp. Knopf Books.  November 13, 2012.  9780375856839.  Mick Cochrane, author of several books, including “The Girl Who Threw Butterflies,”  has written a new psychological thriller involving a fifteen-year-old named Fitz (named after F. Scott Fitzgerald), who manages to kidnap his estranged father at gunpoint.  Fitz’s objective… to find out why his father chose to live apart from him and what really  happened between him and Fitz’s mother.

As time passes the flawed character of both Fitz and his father’s began to heal.  Fitz is anguished ove the abandonment issues and Curtis, Fitz’s dad soon realizes the mistake he made in not taking on the responsibilities of raising his son.  The absence of Curtis in Fitz’s life has caused  him to live a life of sheer poverty in comparison to Curtis’ life of wealth.  Is it too late?  I’m wondering if readers will catch the literary allusions to F. Scott Fitzgerald.  I’m always looking for a great boy read to include in my collection.  This seems to fit the bill.

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