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[Review] Micheal Grant’s Final Installment of Gone Series Feeds My Hunger for Chocolate!

April 7, 2013

Light (Gone, #6)

Light.  Grant, Michael.  411 pages. $18,99.  Tegan Books.  April 2, 2013.    9780061449185.  OK so I kept trying to NOT write a response to Michael Grant’s final installment because I am so sick (one of my love/hate situations) of all the YA series I get stuck on reading, (run-on sentence) but I couldn’t stop myself on this one. Especially after I ran into the movie like trailer on YouTube…which is just as crazy sick good as the series is.  OMGee!  and what an uplifting adrenaline rush for me…especially with this being the 2nd day of my Weightwatchers diet and I’m feeling like I want to bite into a mountain of chocolate fudge and even the TV show Smash can’t take my mind off the chocolate jones (and I live for Broadway musicals!)…so thank you Michael G.  I am now driven to geek on your final installment when it doesn’t need a geek entry from me at all.  The series stands on its own laurels, bad covers and all…and I do have to say I hate the covers, but just like good chocolate, who cares what the wrapper looks like, its what’s contained inside the wrapper that matters.

What made me love this series and gush so much about it is the fact that Michael has done with his book what I believe all YA writers should be doing.  His character castings are filled with the rainbow of  diversity we know in today’s society. There’s race, gender and sexual orientation issues all contemporary to today’s YA audiences…not to mention a dystopian society void of adults where kids of various ages buck up against their known developmental stages and have these mad crazy powers that they are able to use with masterful efficiency.  There’s the vilest of villains the most fearsome of fears and of course love, love, love…all while pushing the boundaries of reality in a world like FAYZ (Fallout Alley Youth Zone)…and for those that love the horror, “Light” is over chunked with it!

Michael’s decision to call this last installment “Light” is the most appropriate choice for the conclusion. You can take the title literally or interpret its symbolism, as was done in all previous titles. Without spoiling it for the reader, the ending is so so satisfying.  To sum it up, over a year has passed since everyone over the age of 15 had disappeared from the town of Perdido Beach, California.  Numerous battles have been fought.  Not everyone pulls through.  We’ve followed Sam, Astrid, Diana, Pete, Quinn, Caine,Edilio, Lana and everyone else through overcoming hunger, lies, plagues, and good against evil battles and confrontations.  The kids that settled in the FAYZ   are now seeing their fragile security come to a permenant end when Gaia attacks the lake residents and successfully kills off a fourth of them.  Decisions have to be made.  Caine decides to allow five-year-old Pete to enter his body so together they can put an end to Gaia and save everyone.  These decisions prove to be final in more ways than one.

Check out the wiki for the gone series:

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