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The Followers by Anna Davies

May 4, 2014


Davies, Anna. Followers.  Scholastic  $9.99pb.  June 24, 2014.  0545511964.  Grade 7 and Up.  Briana tried out for Hamlet, her school’s new drama production, and lost. To try and give her something to do, she’s asked to be the Twitternaster for the show, so she starts to Tweet updates of pre-production.  No one is listening and no one cares, so she has hardly any followers until something happens with the Drama department’s Twitter account and the Tweets become deadly predictions of murders.  Now the entire town is following the Twitter account, including the local police.

This book is already in the library office, but we can’t put it in out catalog until the actual publication date. You’re going to enjoy this fast read.

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