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Sabrina’s Withdrawal

SIGNED-D-A-W 2017 (1)

My Dearest Professors:

Please excuse such an abrupt notice, but I am not suppose to be registered for your classes this semester, because I am in Dissertation Seminar.
With this being my first year full-time, this past August I was in the midst of trying to take whatever training classes I was told I needed, get adjusted to being a full-time student, and finishing my comps.  Since my comps was a magazine submissions, I was not counted as successful until I edited to the point of needing no more in accordance with the journal of choice’s speculations.
I was told, not by my advisors that I needed to be registered for 3 classes, but someone else.  If not I stood the chance of loosing my GTA status.  I complied with directions given. At this point, however I have fallen behind in my dissertation writing.  When I shared this with my seminar instructor, he was shocked and immediately got in touch with my co-chair who was also surprised.
Dr. Hinton Johnson was contacted and it was strongly advised that I withdraw from everything but seminar.
I have attached a signed Pdf of the Add\Drop\Withdraw Form and would like you both to add your signatures where appropriate.  I am to return the form with all three signatures to Dr. Hinton Johnson.
Tomorrow I am observing student librarians, but if you need me to come in and collect the signatures, I will try my best to make it to campus.
I have enjoyed your classes the to the utmost this year and am so regretful of this situation.

Respectfully submitted,

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