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Uploaded March 2018


Film Choices to Consider NYC African Film Festival

Film Choices to Consider African World Doc Film Festival

All Below Added May 2, 2018

Coffee Colored Children  (NYCAFF)                                          Ngozi A. Onwurah (Nigeria)  English 15mins 1988

This lyrical, unsettling film conveys the experience of children of mixed racial heritage. After suffering the aggression of racial harassment, a young girl and her brother attempt to wash their skin white with scouring powder. Starkly emotional and visually compelling, this semi-autobiographical testimony to the profound internalized effects of racism and the struggle for self-definition and pride is a powerful catalyst for discussion.


  • A Place for Myself (NYCAFF)

    Marie-Ciementine Dusabejambo / Rwanda / 2016 / 22mins/ English Subtitles

Five-year-old albino girl Elikia is made to feel unwanted by her classmates and neighbors. But her mother encourages her to embrace her differences. Together, they stand up for themselves and fight back against discrimination.



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